Pigs, Poodles, and Pins

Fashion. Starbucks. Poodles. Guinea Pigs. Graphic Design is my passion. Photography is my breath.

I boiled a hotdog for my puppies. I also made it look like an octopus, because ya know, the dogs really care about that. :P
Another journal and set of stickers to add to my collection…oye. Only way I can justify it is that the journal will probably be used for spiritual things. :P #jw #journaladdict #journal #stickers #stickeraddict #journalcollection #stickercollection #owl #tea
Got myself a chai latte @starbucks to sip on while helping Bonnie pick out blinds. :P
Final step of the ice cream making process is in progress!

#homemade #icecream #homemadeicecream

Making some homemade ice cream! Finally going to put my ice cream maker to good use! I swear vanilla ice cream helps with an upset stomach..;)
What better way to relax then playing with lots of messy paint in my art journal? #artjournal
Crafts with Sierra :) #sisters
What my morning consists of. #school and #earlgraytea in my favorite #starbucks mug. Loving the tea, not so much the school.  (at Kasey’s House)